BC’s Referendum on Electoral Reform with Prof. Daniel Westlake – GT012

So here we are in the middle of a very important Referendum in BC where many people either don’t know about it or are confused. If you do know what’s generally going on I’ll bet you’re missing a few key bits of information that Daniel brings to light here. 

We got into the details of the referendum and the proposed voting systems… how they work, how they “could work” and what he is curious about in terms of how the government would structure and implement a few things – as some of the information is a little unclear and being left out of both the pro and anti campaigns. As well as the impact the systems might have on how MLA’s could act.

It gets detailed, but if I can follow and finally get a handle on it I’m sure you can to – and hey, that’s what the rewind button’s for right.

To help sort things out… at the end of the episode Daniel shares his thoughts on where the best places to get information are – from academics more than from the campaigns as they are so currently polarized and as Daniel puts it, “… look for people who talk about trade offs, who acknowledge that there are problems with any kind of electoral system.”

Thanks for listening & Until next time… Stay Curious – CJ 🙂

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