Fight the Overreaching: BC Gov. Protest and IMPORTANT Coming Events (GT017)

A quick chat with organizer Joelle when I stop off at a Rally at the Legislature in Victoria, BC on Wed Aug.25. I wanted to get some information on how to deal with the incredible overreaching of the BC Government in regards to Vaccine Passports and the COVID 19 Pandemic.

I learn about the Canadian Frontline Nurses and their GLOBAL STRIKE/Protest on Sept. 1st., and the WorldWide Rally Sept. 18/19. As well as the below resources, which we should all look into as much as we can, sort through the information, not just the soundbites the major media anwd government want you to hear. We need to do the work, we need to think critically and logically, and we need to stand up for that logic and our freedoms.







Thanks for listening & Until next time… Stay Curious – CJ 🙂

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