The Basics of Voting (BC Provincial Election) – GT002

I’m back with Ryan Steele from the first episode – he works at the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia as a Senior Systems Analyst, and in this episode we talk about the basics of the current system of voting for the provincial government here in BC.

The next BC election takes place in May – so it’s time to get some insight and we’re starting here with the basics.

I’m on a bit of a learning curve here (with interviewing & learning about government) – things will get smoother, but in the meantime thanks for the support.

Thanks for listening & I hope you enjoy!

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Show Notes:
– Beginning – 41st BC provincial Election… 2001 beginning of ‘fixed cycle elections’ in BC – which happen every 4yrs on the 2nd Tues in May
– 2:20 – How the current voting system works – choosing MLA’s
– 4:00 – Independent MLA’s
– 7:20 – First past the Post / Strategic Voting
– 8:20 – Votes counted and Ridings
– 9:20 – Votes -vs- MLA’s Elected -vs- Party Elected
– 10:30 – Premiere Elected
– 10:45 – First Past the Post voting system
– 17:00 – Strategic Voting
– 21:20 – Alternate Voting Systems… 2004 referendum on our voting system… “Citizens Assembly on Electoral Reform” – the committee that analyzed the voting system and suggested an alternative
– 25:20 – Alternative System suggested “Single Transferrable” system

*** this system was a little confusing, so feel free to skip to 31:00 if you want – we don’t use this system so it’s just interesting but not important for us right now***

– 28:40 – Drawback to First Past the Post system
– 31:30 – How Provinces & Federal are separate
– 35:40 – How elections were called before 2001 and the “Fixed Cycle” system and the change
– 42:00 – on the spot tech question for Ryan – on tech, privacy, government and the future