Voting & Political Insights with Andrew Reeve – GT005

This chat with Andrew was really fun and I learned a ton! He is great at explaining things and has quite the resume which he skims through during our chat.

Andrew is a Political Science graduate from the University of Victoria who works in the Whip’s Office at the Legislature. He is also currently the Campaign Manager for Esquimalt-Metchosin Liberal Candidate Barb Desjardins for the coming 2017 BC Election on May 9th.
(** I should note that all of the thoughts and opinions he gives here are His alone and he is Not speaking on behalf of any political party or candidate).

We cover a lot of stuff in this episode and it’s hard to narrow some bullet points down to give you a good overview – as I find so much of it to be important for this coming election… but here are a few things that you’ll hear us talk about:

– His background and how he got to leading a campaign for the 2017 BC Election

– The different voting styles people tend to use – party based, local candidate based or issue based

– The lack of civic/political education and how the reason people often don’t vote is because they simply don’t feel educated enough to do so

– His view of the differences in the political parties … and the differences of the federal vs provincial versions of these Parties

– How, in preparation for a provincial election, we should look at our current MLA’s and their past 4years to determine what we are looking for in an MLA for the next 4years.

– How we should dig into and scrutinize each Parties Platform, which the public can online **see below links**

– And we address some of the issues coming up in this campaign, like: Site C Dam, Political Party Donations, Trickle Down Economics, Daycare,

– I also learn about Populism and how this is used in politics (eg, Daycare is a “populous promise”) … and much more.

Thanks for listening & I hope you enjoy!

*If you like what you hear and you think it’s important, please share it with as many people as you can… hopefully we can all become a little more aware and involved.*

– Until Next time… Stay Curious – CJ 🙂

***Party Platforms***

BC Greens Party Platform
BC Liberal Party Platform
BC Liberal Party – Vancouver Island Platform
BC NDP Party Platform

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